2014 Results - pending review

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2014 Results - pending review

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:17 am


Here are the unofficial final results. Saturday was a tough day, but some were able to find enough to move them up in the standings.

I will have Jamie, Jeff and Dan review the standings as well (I double-checked, but I did have one issue that was caught by a member this year).

In order (Top 3 are bolded):

Dan Greenwood/Rick Landry - 68.12
Myles Tripp/Keith Snyder - 62.84
Tom Dube/Tim Dube - 59.93
Rich Metivier/Mark Barron - 57.95
Steve Viger/Justin Chicoine - 55.71
Jon Bossie/Steve Rafter - 54.79
Jeff Young/Sandi Gromoshak - 53.25
Jamie Doughty/Don Doughty - 49.77
Rick DeSisto/Mike McCaffrey - 46.53
Scott Doughty/Al DeLeo - 42.93
Chad Magoon/Brian Francouer - 41.24
Bruce Ottman/Les Townsend - 39.11
Dennis Rocheford/Mike Zachodny - 38.20
Derek Stone/Sam Ketchum - 36.65
Bob Savoie/Steve Jackson - 35.17
Dan Cross/John Levesque - 25.29
Dave Miscia - 0.00 (the Blutarski award)

This years lunkers were impressive - Dan/Rick with a 6.81 LM caught on Sunapee and Dennis/Mike with a 4.06 SM caught on Merrymeeting. Big Bag goes to Jamie/Don with 19.03 at Balch.

Congrats to all the regular season winners - now the fun really begins. TOC baby!!!!


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