TOC Fees and Info

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TOC Fees and Info

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:38 am


I thought it would be a good idea to start letting everyone know what the fees are this year. Nothing has changed from last year and we are paying out 100%. If you are not staying at Ames Farm, you CANNOT launch there. They cannot charge anyone a fee to launch (this is due to the legal action taken a couple years back) for a tournament. You will need to launch from somewhere else (Town Docks, Alton, Silver Sands, etc...) and drive your boat over.

$120 - Entry Fee ($100 for the tournament and $20 for the lunkers)
- Lunkers are for the biggest LM and SM over the 2 days.

- $20 for the Saturday only lunker pool. Any fish that wins on Saturday is still in the running for Sunday as well.
- $10 for a team draw pool. if you want in, you draw from every team entrant and if that team wins,
you win - 100% payout.

So the total cost if you did everything would be $150 per team and we are paying out 100%.

- For those that are not members, if you want to attend our banquet and dinner at Patrick's in Gilford, you can for $35 per person. We just need that ASAP, so we can adjust the headcount for them.

The teams that are non-members are - Josh and Pat have qualified, Dave Greenwood and Dan Landry have qualified, Dave Miscia and Dave Morin have qualified, Gary Croteau and Denise Allain have qualified and the Beaudets have qualified.

That would make 21 teams with a pay-out of over $1,000 for first place.


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