Congrats to the Last Casters...

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Congrats to the Last Casters...

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:30 am

That fished the STQT this weekend. Derek Stone made the team on the non-boater side (taking 3rd place) and we had some very strong finishes on both sides. Time Dube is currently in 11th place on the boater side, but at least one person will drop off the team (it happens every year), Myles took 18th place (19.57lbs), Mike Zachodny took 20th with 19.30 lbs, and Sam Ketchum and Steve Viger had good showings as well in very tough conditions.

Great work by all. See you on Saturday at Monomonac and remember we don't have to go back to Winni until October :-)!!


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