We will be looking for a new Secretary for the club for 2016...

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We will be looking for a new Secretary for the club for 2016...

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:25 pm

Guys and Gals,

I will be stepping down and turning over my responsibilities to one (or more) individual next year. i am looking for someone who would be interested in the following duties:

- Maintain the website and the content there
- Upload the pictures for the tournaments
- Upload the results and standings to the website
- Submit the creel reports to NH F&G after each event
- Maintain directions to the ramps
- Take the pictures at the tournament
- Grab the results sheet from each event

This individual or individuals, can also start to look at new hosting providers (Go Daddy has been very well priced, but lacks ease of use), develop a process for maintaining results and standings (I have my way, but i know there is likely a better way) and work with the board to keep the content up to date - tournament schedule, rules/registration, results, pics, etc...

This will be something that will be open 11/1/15 (I will finish the season through the TOC). Looking for volunteers.


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