What a great way to kick off the year...

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What a great way to kick off the year...

Post by Admin on Mon May 04, 2015 8:40 am

WHAT A DAY!!!! There were some BIG fish brought to the scales. Coming in first was the team of Dan Cross and John Levesque with 13.04 and a 3.08 kicker SM and the lunker LM of 6.34. Coming in 2nd was Tom and Tim Dube with 12.52 anchored by a 4.26 LM. Coming in 3rd was the team of Greenwood and Landry, nope not that team, Dave Greenwood and Dan Landry with 11.82 and a 6.30 LM (yup, they had the lunker and got beat by .04 of a pound). Our LOSERS for the day and lunker SM (3.70) went to Dennis Rocheford and Mike Zachodny with 10.10. 50/50 went to the Viger/Viger team. The bar has been set everyone, Bow should be ON FIRE this weekend.


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