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Ok guys/gals,

Monomonac is ice-out, so 4/25 is good to go. Rick D. is taking care of parking, but we will need you all to work with each other to make sure you park as tight together as you can in the lot across the street from the ramp. I won't be there and Jamie won't be there, so Dan the man is in charge :-). Sam and Derek are going to do the registration, so help them out as needed as they were gracious enough to step up and do this and it is their first event.

Pawtuckaway - reports are it is close to ice-out and should be clear this week. I have taken care of securing parking at the farm. Dave Fernald has been kind enough to let us park in his field yet again. Let's respect his kindness and make sure we don't block any of his equipment (in case he needs it). I won't be at this one either, so if someone could coordinate getting a person to shuttle people from the lot to the ramp, that would be great.

Bow Lake - will be ice out this week. Al and I will make our 2015 debut at this event Very Happy . This should be a great event and Sam has secured parking for us. We cannot use the lot at the dam (outside Jeff, Sandi, Sam and Derek). We will be parking off-site. This is a TIGHT ramp everyone and if the water is low, we will have a tough time. So please, please be patient and keep the noise down. The ramp is right on the street and people will be sleeping.

The season is here. Tight lines!!


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