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Ok, so here is some info that is important for you to all know for this weekend.

We have 18 boats fishing this weekend and our entry is $120.  $100 of that gets paid out to the Top 3 and the $20  goes toward the weekend Lunkers.  That makes the payout look like this:

$900 for 1st
$540 for 2nd
$360 for 3rd

$180 each for Lunkers

We will NOT be giving out rods this year for the TOC Champs or Regular Season Champs, we could not get the same pricing discount as years in the past.  The money usually spent on these went back into prizes that will be given out at the banquet (everyone will get something). The rest of the money will go into the club member payouts.  We will continue to payout 5 spots and those payments are more than last year.

We will have an OPTIONAL Saturday lunker pool as well.  It will be $20 per team and 100% will be split and paid out to the Lunker SM and Lunker LM team(s).  If you win on Saturday, that fish still stays in contention for the weekend payout as well - the last 3 yrs. we have had 4 different people get paid out on this over the 2 days.  Find Scott if you want in on this (I will be there around 6:30).

You have to register at the table and the starting draw will be based on where you finished for the year. Sundays start will be based on how you finished on Saturday.  We will be starting at 7:30 on Saturday morning.  This is to give the boats that are driving over on the water time to get there in the dark and rain.  Sunday is at 7 a.m. because no registration is required.Remember you cannot launch from Ames Farm if you are not staying there, so you have to launch somewhere else and drive your boat over.  Ames Farm had a big legal battle years ago and lost, so we don't want to create any additional headaches for them.  Find Bruce and Les and make sure someone checks your livewell if you are driving your boat over.

This should be a great weekend, but let's remember all the work that goes into this all year.  Thanks go out to Jamie, Jeff and Sandi for pulling this all together (especially after Mame's closed) HUGE THANKS to Sandi for finding another spot for the banquet.  Thanks to Tim and Tom for running registration every morning, thanks to Mike and Dennis for running the scales, thanks to Dan and Rick for helping out on all aspects of the club operations, thanks to Mike M. for helping on the website, continued thanks to Bruce and Les for doing the livewell checks every tournament for the last 5 yrs. (can you believe it has been 5 yrs), thanks to Rick D. for helping secure parking and getting directions to the new lakes and thanks to the best members a club could want.  Everyone steps up and helps out whenever it is needed, so if I didn't mention you above, please don't feel left out - you all ROCK.

Every year our TOC grows and we have not had a 2 time winner yet (5 different winners, but Rich M. has come close).  Is this the year??? The club has grown year over year and it is because we try to make sure everyone has a great time with us.  We are all advocates of the club and sport in general, continue the good work.


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