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Standings are updated...

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:42 pm

And I have added the pictures from Balch. I will get the results from Blach up there by end of week. It is a neck-n-neck race for 1st place with one event left. 3rd is up in the air as well as 6 teams are tight. Myles and Keith could still be a factor for first, but they are 7 lbs back. If Doughty/Doughty put another whooping on us at Mascoma that could do some damage, but hey anyone could pull a 19 lb bag from Mascoma.

We have some guys doing the BASS STQT this weekend, good luck to you all. Make us proud. We have 6 guys doing the TBF STQT next weekend, good luck to you all as well.

The TOC is right around the corner and Winni looks to finally be producing numbers and the size should increase with this cool weather. Hopefully both days will produce like Day 2 did last year.


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