TOC Fees and Info

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TOC Fees and Info

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:41 am


I thought it would be a good idea to start letting everyone know what the fees are this year.  Nothing has changed from last year and we are paying out 100%.  If you are not staying at Ames Farm, you CANNOT launch there.  They cannot charge anyone a fee to launch (this is due to the legal action taken a couple years back) for a tournament. You will need to launch from somewhere else (Town Docks, Alton, Silver Sands, etc...) and drive your boat over.

$120 - Entry Fee ($100 for the tournament and $20 for the lunkers)
    - Lunkers are for the biggest LM and SM over the 2 days.

    - $20 for the Saturday only lunker pool. Any fish that wins on Saturday is still in the running for Sunday as well.
    - $10 for a team draw pool.  if you want in, you draw from every team entrant and if that team wins,
    you win - 100% payout.

So the total cost if you did everything would be $150 per team and we are paying out 100%.  

For those who have qualified, but have not paid the $35 for the banquet you can talk to Sandi at the Mascoma event or reach out to Jamie to take care of it.


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