Merrymeeting on 8-23-14...

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Merrymeeting on 8-23-14...

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:35 pm


Directions are posted to Merrymeeting. You can also use the Marina for GPS purposes - 817 Merrymeeting Lake Road, New Durham, NH

Also, we will have off-site parking at the church about 2 miles away and will have someone shuttling people back and forth. There is NO parking on the street from Memorial Day to Labor Day and there are only 3-4 spaces at the launch (reserved for everyone running the live well check, weigh-in, registration and the scales).

There is no facility fee, but for people who have not fished with us before, please be aware that there is a $50 boater registration fee. This fee is not a money grab, as it was described over the weekend. Our members pay twice that in dues annually and we want people who fish our trail to consider joining, so that fee is to gain commitment to fish other events (you only pay the fee once per year). The $50 goes toward running the club and delivering a fantastic TOC at the end of the year (that anyone who fishes 5 events qualifies to fish, members or non-members) that awards high pay-outs for the top finishers, prizes (gift cards, rods, etc...) given out at the dinner and our trophies.

We are a fun club and we want everyone to have a good time (we think we do that). That is all, see you at Merrymeeting.


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