TOC Info on rates, dates, etc...

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TOC Info on rates, dates, etc...

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:25 pm

Everyone, here are the final details regarding TOC lodging/launching at Ames Farm in Gilford for the evening of 10/4 (12 cabins have been reserved; if we learn that additional cabins are necessary PLEASE LET SANDI KNOW THAT ASAP):

1. Cabins are $150.00/night plus 9.0% tax = $163.50/2 guys = $81.75 a person

2. Ames requires a deposit of $50.00/cabin X 12 cabins = $600.00

3. $81.75 – $25.00 individual deposit = $56.75/person (24 guys) due upon arrival on 10/4 (this will total $1362.00 + $600.00 deposit = $1962.00)

4. Dock space is available for an additional $35.00/boat. This is necessary only for the convenience of keeping your boat in the water overnight. Only SOME of the dock space has electricity however, if the boats are pulled out and parked on the lawn overnight, electricity is available to all boats. Again, the dock space ends up serving as a convenience only with the possibility of electricity.

5. **** If you are not staying overnight, you CANNOT launch from Ames. You will have to launch elsewhere and meet the group on the water at Ames.

6. There is cabin availability for Friday night as well. If you are planning to stay for 2 nights, please include the second night’s deposit in with your first night’s deposit. If you make the decision much later to stay on Friday night, you obviously risk that a cabin won’t be free on Friday night. However, committing to Friday night right now is NOT necessary…you CAN wait ‘til later.

The website for Ames is: (They are presently on their winter hours so if you have questions, I will be happy to field them and contact the owner.)

I am also more than happy to collect everyone’s deposit. Please address your checks to Last Cast and mail to: Sandi Gromoshak 116 Rockingham Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053. The sooner I receive the deposits the better. The owner wants at least some of the $600.00 in the next couple weeks. If you are unable to pay immediately, please bring your deposit to our first tournament on 4/26 and Jamie and I will send a subsequent deposit check then.


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