Big V Is Watching.....

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Big V Is Watching.....

Post by Vange on Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:01 am

Hello old friends. I finally found this site again. I see Big Dan won 2013, congrats to him that's awesome. It's a good thing I moved to Florida so Dan could start winning again.LOL I'll be keeping an eye on you guys. Too bad it's so cold up there, all I gotta do down here is hop into my golf cart and drive a couple minutes to the lake down the street and catch a bunch of largemouth, but I really miss my smallies. I also see my old partner Jack is still causing trouble here also. Well, looks like you'll be getting it from both of us now. Question can I post pictures to this forum and if so how. Jack when you see this post would you call me. Still have same cell phone # 603-494-6464. Miss the fishing with you all.



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hi to vange

Post by chuckie miscia on Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:55 am

I Vange I was think of you the other day.They just had the show at the Rock in Salem N.h.Most of us donnot go any more.Jack is keeping is Eyes on the Young Guns and Keeping Scott on top of the Web.Jamie is doing a great Job with the club and N.h Federation.Dan is still winning every year but we still like him.He has a great partner that catches alot of Fish.We will keep you posted on the year coming up.Dave Miscia Smile 

chuckie miscia

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